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  1. Originally Posted by MegaMan Is funny how much respect rafeal101 gained by uninformed people...from selling stuff straight of Str***d on a*****a...not even touching his hands once and will pop up the excuse he ship his stuff in parts for customs reasons, then would ship magheads, lipo batteries, cheap ass sound module reader of under 20$ from different companies to the buyer paying less then 150$ for everything thing and sell all for $2500 a pop to a noob, and then give instructions how to assemble, and assembly is same a puzzle it can only be fitted one way. I once made a Custom panel design for ncr selfserv and what do i see rafeal101 had it on his catalogue...but I was naive and stupid that time to sent stuff over to str***d for prototyping...assholes tell u they dont resell or remanufacture u designs but a week after that they adding to the catalogue and resell...I still remember arguing with Raf for him claming its all his own designes and stuff until I posted screenshots of my long hours chat and images with my freelancer regarding that particular panel as im not to savvy on 3D design So to be honest this guy was just rippimg off people for years....acting bigtime skimmer God...I even onces asked him the RAL codes of the atms to test his knowledge ... And he didnt know what I was talking, ask him the different between jitter and interrupted swiping, said its same seriously??? Anyway long stories short he was for the newbies that think sticking a piece of plastic on a atm and come get it in a few hours will make u a millionaire instantly...until the flimsy shit these jokers sold sent the buyers to jail... but why you are so offended and angry man, he thinks business and 2500$ for 150$ or 5000$ for a 100$ parts why you are being mean, if he thinks business and he is making money and letting people also u can call ( newbie) make money and skim dumps then he's smart if u are too much like that offended buddy then you're simply ( useless ) , that's jealousy and hate what u saying the guy does know how to make money without causing harm i can sell now a car for 10k market value for 50k if u like come buy if u don't to my a**.. that's it, simple. I think i know who u are, you're the trouble maker that always attack other people's work for devilish purposes, you're just a pain in the A**, the D that comes after gripper.
  2. Originally Posted by BlackMass Because i think something else in the beginning when u show up here Plus i have a proof bro. I dont have issues with this black mass dude...but this idiot have trouble with everybody who offer deep inserts for sale or who have extensive knowledge about these inserts...the big bloody thing here is he talk so much so why dont he get verified...GET VERIFIED MAN!!! Dont be a bitch and try steal customers from somebody's thread that been verified... And show ur proofs... Or keep quiet.. And look and learn, homey.. Geez this black mass dude is just to if he is a skimmer God!!!
  3. Great guy to talk to...real professional.A+++ Glad you got verified bro!!! Im sure u will be of great value to this board.. Everything of the best and good luck