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  1. Sorry, I do not sell hacked services. Contact me on jabber for more info
  2. Yes, that is the meaning of Fastflux. Detection rate is near to 0%.
  3. Please contact me on my jabber id's. Jabber: d0xa@codingteam.net & d0xatik@xmpp.jp
  4. Contact via jabber please: d0xa@codingteam.net & d0xatik@xmpp.jp
  5. With many years of experience and accomplished projects I'm offering coding (backend/frontend) in the coding languages of: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript + experience with MySQLi. I can build from automatic scripts, websites, shop scripts, scam pages, forums, you name it and I am pretty sure I can do it. If you have the ideea and money, I have the skills and time to accomplish the job. I will offer also my long term support for any project you get done. Besides the coding area, I offer also: *-bulletproof domains *-fastflux as well as fastflux SSL *-vps *-dedicated servers Contact jabber: d0xa@codingteam.net & d0xatik@xmpp.jp